Thursday, November 11, 2010

I guess I need to write something

So as it turns out I don't like blogging or writing about my life on the internet but I have got to at least try. My last post was this summer...and ALOT has happened since then. Firstly, the season is over now and I am resting up, sitting on the couch, watching trash TV and trying to catch up on my school work. The season went surprisingly well! On the podium 4 times, top 10 at worlds and managed to get myself into the Olympic rankings. Success! I had a great time racing this year and it really reminded me why I do it...for the love! The ITU circuit is so friendly and was great to catch up with old friends with whom I have been racing with since I was a little 18 year old.

So whats next? Start back training on Monday (the 15th) and gradually build back into training. Focus this winter will be on my running which I am really excited about mainly because when it is freezing cold going for a run is wayyyy nicer than going for a bike ride. Yes, I am a weak Bermudian who occasionally complains when it gets cold. I am getting better though. Next year I will be hitting the ITU circuit hard racking up world ranking points to help me qualify for London 2012 which is the main goal. Scary how fast it comes around....yikes. Anyways winter has hit Boulder...30degrees and snow....fortunately I am on a break right now so sitting on the couch is the perfect activity for this weather! Ok back to my school work....statistics! Boom.

Oh I did my first CX race last fun! Pic of me riding through the sand like a pro....well trying my best. CX=awesome....if only I had more time to do it!

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