Friday, August 6, 2010


So after 2 years off from racing I decided it was finally time to come back! It is great to be back. So in my 2 years off I decided to move to Boulder, Colorado and start school at the University of Colorado. Starting college was the perfect distraction for me. I could act like a normal 21 year old and not think about triathlon.

Finally one day things clicked again and I realized that I really loved triathlon and wanted to race again. So now I am back....well getting there.

Des Moines World Cup was my first race back since Beijing in 2008. Yeah, talk about jumping into the deep end!!With the prize money on offer the field was stacked! I was definitley a little anxious about racing again. After not racing a world cup in 2 years I had no idea what to expect from the race and myself! Whatever happened I was just glad to be back on the start line. The race went great! Swam front pack, comfortable on the bike and happy with my run.....I forgot how fast those girls run! Not quite there yet but thats ok.....I have time. Finished up 20th and was really happy with that! First time in the top 20 in almost 3 years! Booyyaaaa....and I won some money!!!haha

Since Des Moines I have been back in Boulder training hard and enjoying summer! Boulder summer= awesome!! Next race was the Boulder Peak Triathlon. Nice and convenient. I have not done a non drafting race since I was 17.....yeah thats a few years back now. Swim was good...second out the water right behind Joanna Zeiger....she got the swim prime...I just missed it (bugga...not in the plan). Found out the hard way that I need to work on my time trialing asap....lost a lot of time and then got a drafting penalty....not cool. Needless to say I had some time to make up on the run. Managed to run my way up to 4th. Happy with that although bit frustrated...about that bike. O well thats racing!

I have just come back from racing Puerto Rico at Central American and Caribbean Championship. Really great to represent Bermuda again! Tyler Butterfield and I both finished on the podium....he was 3rd and I was 2nd. Decent race for me although fell apart on the run. Then I went home for a week for some time on the beach!! Bermuda has the best beaches in the world hands down! Great to catch up with friends and family.

Anyways now that I am back racing people want to know what is going on with my answer is  this check it out.

ps. I also do some bike racing.... raced at the Nature Valley Grand Prix just after Des racing is fun....but more of a hobby....

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